Identity crisis

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Tough times, deadly enemies, and political upheavals can force a nation to search its soul. America is going through that right now. Who are we as a country, anyway? What do we stand for? What's worth fighting over and what's not? These questions echo through the identity politics of Obama's Supreme Court nomination, the assault on limited government by liberals in Colorado and Washington alike, the hypnotic mantra of change that currently substitutes for common sense. Again this Sunday, Backbone Radio steps up with guests and analysis that engage your common sense instead of insulting it. Please join us.

** I'll talk with Gary Marx of the Judicial Confirmation Network about Judge Sotomayor and Ron Robinson of Young America's Foundation about the roots of modern conservatism.

** Prof. Paul Rahe of Hillsdale College will brief us on his important new book, "Soft Despotism, America's Drift," which keynoted my interview with Michael Barone earlier this month.

** David Harsanyi, Denver Post columnist, and Dick Wadhams, Colorado Republican Chairman, will size up how vulnerable the local Democrats are for 2010, after years of misgovernment in Ritterville.

The left hopes to exploit a free people's identity crisis with power grabs that leave us less free and more dependent. The right says not on your life. Those are the stakes in 2009, no exaggeration -- and neutrality is not an option.

Yours for clear thinking, JOHN ANDREWS