Father's Day on the Divide

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What would become of Father's Day if the whole culture and political system grew indifferent to men and women marrying each other, if most babies came from labs and acquired their parents through agencies, if the family itself were declared a toxic institution as some feminists and Marxists claim? Sorry for the downer, but doesn't that seem to be where Western civilization (formerly so called) is heading unless some of us who love tradition start fighting harder and turn things around?

Well, take heart. Fighting the good fight, even on a weekend that ought to be about celebration and relaxation, is our way of life in Backbone Colorado USA. Up here on the Divide, we still draw a line between good and bad, between natural and otherwise. Tune in Sunday and let's think together about keeping Father's Day and other American institutions alive for coming generations.

** We'll talk Iran with policy expert Daveed Gartenstein-Ross... health care reform with patient rights advocate Amy Menefee... and Republican strategy with former congressman Bob Beauprez.

** Authors Ward Connerly (Lessons from My Uncle James)... Joseph C. Phillips (He Talk Like a White Boy)... and Allen Orcutt (No Rest Elsewhere)... will share their perspectives as sons and dads.

Yours for America without apologies, JOHN ANDREWS