Thoroughfare of Freedom

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"O beautiful for pilgrim feet, whose stern impassioned stress a thoroughfare of freedom beat across the wilderness!" So wrote Katherine Lee Bates in the inspiration of climbing Pike's Peak on a summer day in 1893. Have you been to a mountaintop lately? A friend of mine recently did his first 14'er and came back all aglow. But it's easy to lose the lofty vision in the flatlands of daily life. Time overtakes nations as it does individuals. If we allow America in its third century to grow soft and tired, the thoroughfare of freedom could become a road to serfdom. What a betrayal of our trust that would be; what a tragedy for the world.

This Sunday, Backbone Radio gets you ready for Independence Day with viewpoints from "stern impassioned" patriots helping relate the news of 2009 to the spirit of 1776. I hope you'll be listening.

** I'll talk about Iran with Steve Schippert of and North Korea with Chuck Downs, an expert on human rights violations in that hellhole.

** Plus health care and the "cap & tax" bill with former congressman Ernest Istook of the Heritage Foundation and Jeff Crank of Americans for Prosperity.

** Plus a report on the Wounded Warriors project from Col. John Folsom and another lesson in History 101 with our own Dr. Bill Moloney.

"Confirm thy soul in self-control, thy liberty in law," prayed Katherine Bates for our country in her famous poem. Scandals, celebrity headlines, and the Obama agenda all suggest we're not quite there yet. We're not about to quit, though -- not while we have breath.

Yours for America the Beautiful, JOHN ANDREWS