Petitions defend TABOR

Taxpayers fight back With Colorado's governor, legislature, and Supreme Court actively colluding to gut or repeal the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, just when California's fiscal collapse dramatizes the need for TABOR, citizens are circulating three petitions to fight back. We featured them July 5 on Backbone Radio. Here are the web links where you can find out how to sign the petitions, or carry them for your neighbors to sign, so voters will have a chance to defend TABOR on the 2010 ballot.

Sticker shock on this year's sharp increase in vehicle registration "fees" (arguably a tax by another name, and as such, subject to a vote of the people) made headlines just before Independence Day. One of the petitions would cut vehicle taxes (and fees), income taxes, and phone taxes. Get details at

Another of the petitions locks the door tighter (since politicians keep finding ways around the existing ban) against credit card government in Colorado. Get details at

The third of these companion proposals, each needing over 100,000 signatures by this fall, in order to make the ballot next fall, addresses the upward trend of property taxes, for which TABOR's protection has also proved inadequate. Details on that one are at