Replacing Ritter & Bennet

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Let's face it, Colorado's top elected offices are a near-vacuum at present. There is "no there there" with Gov. Bill Ritter or Sen. Michael Bennet. Both Democrats are empty suits as far as leadership is concerned, and weak in the polls as a result. Election year will soon be here. Josh Penry of Grand Junction has his eye on replacing Ritter. The Colorado Senate Republican leader may formally announce this Saturday, and he'll be my guest on Backbone Radio this Sunday.

Ken Buck of Greeley is formally in the race to replace Bennet, and the Weld County DA is campaigning statewide among Republicans, 13 months ahead of the August 2010 primary. He'll join us on the show as well.

Plus Marvin Hutchens on Obama's wrong-foot foreign policy... wrong on Iran, on Honduras, on Russia... and Brian Schwartz on the phony promises of government health care.

Plus Daniel Hannan, the British conservative member of European Parliament who lit up YouTube with his scolding of Gordon Brown last spring and electrified a Denver audience last month.

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