Fighting for the American dream

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One of the very few things I have in common with President Obama is that we've both met Samuel Wurzelbacher and found him an outspoken, common-sense guy. But it's safe to say I enjoyed the experience in June more than Barack did last October -- since this is the guy whom America knew within hours as Joe the Plumber, a huge headache to the Democratic candidate from then to election day. Did Samuel, or Joe, make Obama boast about "spreading the wealth around" with new taxes and giveaways? No, the candidate did that on his own, and since being inaugurated he's been true to form. So has Wurzelbacher, who spoke in Colorado last month and will talk with our listeners this Sunday.

** Joe the Plumber joins me on Backbone Radio to talk about his book, "Fighting for the American Dream," and his adventures since that fateful day on the ropeline in Ohio.

** Plus Scott McInnis, former congressman who is seen as the man to beat in next year's Republican primary for Governor of Colorado.

** Plus economist Paul Prentice of UCCS and the Centennial Institute, spelling out the moral case for capitalism over command & control economics.

** Plus Gary Marx on this week's battle over a Supreme Court seat in DC, along with Bill Banta and Matt Arnold on next year's battle over four of them in Colorado.

Funny thing about the American dream; it doesn't come by dreaming. It comes by working, preparing, sacrificing, daring -- and sometimes, yes, by fighting. That's where the backbone comes in. What a great time to be alive!

Yours for the plumbing that flushes liberalism, JOHN ANDREWS