Ask someone who knows

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As citizens in a free society, we can stay in the endless feedback loop of conventional wisdom and politically correct platitudes. Or we can equip ourselves for self-government by digging for the truth with the help of serious thinkers who know what they're talking about. The choice is up to you and me. We at Backbone Radio choose the road less traveled, believing that the other road is rapidly leading Americans to a loss of liberty, prosperity, and security. Among the questions we'll take up this Sunday are these:

** Is Islam a religion of peace? We'll ask Brigitte Gabriel, author of "They Must Be Stopped" and founder of ACT for America, and Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, VP at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

** Do taxes make a difference for economic growth? We'll ask Jonathan Williams of the American Legislative Exchange Council, co-author of "Rich States, Poor States" with Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore.

** Are law enforcement and other American institutions the crypto-racist embarrassments that Harvard's Prof. Gates (and apparently President Obama) think they are? We'll ask black conservative Joseph C. Phillips.

** Plus J.J. Ament on why he wants to recapture the State Treasurer job for Republicans, and Jeff Crank on what you can do to head off socialized medicine.

It's a waste of your time to ask Anderson Cooper, and it's no longer possible to ask Walter Cronkite -- assuming you wanted to. Much better to ask someone who knows. Join us for the show as we do just that.

Yours for cutting through the fog, JOHN ANDREWS