'If you can keep it'

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"A republic, if you can keep it." That was Franklin's tart summation of the America we would inherit. His warning gains bite with each passing year, as affluence thickens and civic virtue thins. Fiscal indiscipline gnaws at us from within. This Sunday we'll talk about it with State Rep. Kent Lambert, newest member of the Joint Budget Committee. Enemies abroad are unrelenting, yet many leaders at home are unserious. Cliff May of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies will give us details.

** Schools and colleges, meanwhile, aren't forming citizens as they once did. American Council of Trustees & Alumni tracks this, with a new report we'll hear about from Charles Mitchell.

** Plus Joseph C. Phillips, our man in Hollywood, and Walker Stapleton, Republican businessman running for State Treasurer.

Can we keep the Republic? Though indications are mixed, there is new encouragement in this summer's upsurge of citizen resistance to the statist agenda. You are part of that, and so is our show.

Thank you for listening, JOHN ANDREWS