Sunday night classroom

Pencils ready, boys and girls? In order to have a good school year, you need to listen carefully to the word from on high. Senator John will be your instructor. Put away your regular textbooks and get out that special lesson plan from Acorn Publishing. Make note of the three most important words I say. Start composing your loyalty letter about "How I will help Senator John take over all of radio." What a happy time we'll have as my mesmeric voice beams into your home or car for the Sunday night classroom. What killjoys your parents are, for even suggesting that YOU might be excluded from the national group bonding experience that patriotic kids across the land are taking part in. But fear not, children. In this case the word from on high is not White House propaganda. It's clear thinking from atop the Continental Divide. And your instructor is not a liberal potentate empowered to withhold school funds and broadcasting licenses. He's just a legislative has-been with no captive audience.

In other words, attendance at the Sunday night classroom of Backbone Radio is voluntary. Listening is up to you; roll won't be taken. And in comparison with Obama's command performance in schools next Tuesday, we promise a lower pomposity factor and a higher truth quotient. Please tune in for...

** Noted educator Bill Moloney on the presidential teach-in... a Labor Day alert from Mark McKinnon of the Workforce Fairness Institute... and a rundown on Barack's radical advisers from Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity.

** Plus a reality check on Afghanistan and Iraq with Daveed Gartenstein-Ross... and the stranger side of Colorado politics with Mike Littwin.

Awaiting those loyalty letters, JOHN ANDREWS