Afraid of our own government?

We have a new president attempting to move the country his way--to the left. We hear about divisive town halls and tea parties with many opposing "his way". We observe the liberal press and the Democrat spokespeople express extreme accusations of "terrorism" against any who oppose them. We see a radical White House advisor, Mr. Van Jones, resign noisily, after Fox News' Glenn Beck "outs" him for his radical views and coarse words. The Sunday news programs all question why the Democrats are having difficulty passing their health care bill despite their majorities in both houses of Congress.With his sinking polls, we all wonder what President Obama will say on the subject Wednesday night, when he speaks to us.

What is becoming apparant is a certain fear of this government by the American people. Fear because there are no jobs. Fear because of the deficits. Fear because our government now owns General Motors, and AIG. Fear because of what health care as proposed, will cost us. Fear of a quagmire in Afganistan. Fear because of unfunded pensions and bank failures and out of control spending, corruption and falling real estate values. If the American people indeed fear their own government, then it is reasonable to expect a good house cleaning in Washington. Let it be so.