Toughness, self-reliance, strength of character, and a fighting spirit. Have Americans still got it? Or are we a once great, now soft, people who used to have it? The 9/11 anniversary raises that question. The sheeplike demand of so many people for government to doctor them, raises that question. The readiness of countless parents for their children to be academically and morally formed in union-run schools raises that question. What kind of fortitude will it take for America to survive as a free society in a century when deadly enemies as well as the entropy of time conspire to take us down? I'll talk about it this Sunday with my radio guests including... Greg Scandlen of Consumers for Health Care Choices... Richard Brake of the American Civic Literacy Project... US Senate candidate Tom Wiens... Republican State Chairman Dick Wadhams... Colorado novelist Allan Harris... and Constitution Day organizer Dan Griffiths.

Yours for victory against jihad, JOHN ANDREWS