What transformation means

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For many people at this time last year, Obama's campaign theme of "transforming America" was appealing yet safely vague. We now have all too much evidence of what transformation means. It has become, as some of us feared from the start, void of appeal and anything but safe. Join us this Sunday as we explore some of the sobering implications at home and abroad.

Devon Herrick of the National Center for Policy Analysis will talk about the power grab that is health care reform. Marvin Hutchens of the Center for Threat Awareness will sum up the almost daily pullback of US world leadership by the President during this month alone.

The next invented "right" from Barack the Transformer may be free college, or who knows, free doctorates, for everyone. Here in Colorado, Dems want a revenue guarantee toward that utopia. We'll discuss it with CU Regent Tom Lucero, economist Richard Vedder, and curriculum specialist Charles Mitchell.

Plus Dan Maes, GOP candidate for Governor, and Debbie Welle-Powell, organizer of a new group for women on the right. Please be listening.

Yours for no transformation at all, JOHN ANDREWS