Douglas GOP endorses school slate

Editor: This website has argued for the usefulness of party labels in helping voters choose leaders for public education. Kudos to Douglas County businessman, charter school organizer, and GOP officer Mark Baisley for helping put his party on record in that suburban district's upcoming election. See our related posts on local nonpartisanship in general and on Centennial municipal races in particular. Statement by Mark Baisley Vice Chair, Douglas County Republicans While this is a down year for most elected offices, it is a significant season for the Douglas County School Board. Four of the seven seats are up for vote, ending with the final count on November 3. The school board election is unusual in two manners; all registered residents can vote in every district and the races are non-partisan.

Douglas County is sectioned into seven school board districts, named A through G. Every registered resident can vote in all of the four district races.

This election is non-partisan; that is, party affiliation (Republican or Democrat) will not be indicated alongside candidate names on the ballot. Candidates are not vetted by the political parties through Colorado’s traditional caucus and assembly process. However, sides have been staked out for these races by the two general political philosophies of conservative and liberal. The Douglas County Republicans and the Teachers Union have endorsed candidates in each district as follows:

District * GOP endorsee * Union endorsee

B John Carson * Sue Catterall

D Dan Gerken * Kevin Leung

E Doug Benevento * Kristine Turner

G Meghann Silverthorn * Emily Hansen

This election will be held by mail or drop-off voting. Ballots will be mailed on October 3 and must be received by the Douglas County Clerk by 7:00PM on Tuesday, November 3. For questions, including drop-off locations, see

Watch your mailbox in two weeks for your ballot and please vote wisely!