We urge a vote for Combs & Phelps

Stealth Democrats in this month's Centennial election are feeling the pushback from some of us who have won office as Republicans and know the difference party makes. Republican council candidates Ron Phelps and Cindy Combs have picked up strong endorsements this week from Spencer Swalm and me. Andrews Open Letter to The Villager & The Centennial Citizen:

Centennial city council races don't highlight party labels. Yet the party affiliation of candidates is important for predicting their approach to taxes, spending, and the role of government. I've learned this from a lifetime of studying political science and doing practical politics.

So it will be Republican Cindy Combs who gets my vote in Centennial Ward III over the incumbent Democrat, Rebecca McClellan. Likewise in Centennial Ward I, voters should prefer Republican Ron Phelps over the former Democrat councilman seeking a comeback, Vorry Moon.

Centennial is in danger of catching the big-government bug. Combs and Phelps will fight that by putting taxpayers first.

Rep. Spencer Swalm Press Release Today:

Ron Phelps is the best choice to represent the residents in Centennial Ward I. He is a fiscal conservative who will work to find a balance between individuals' rights and thoughtful policies that benefit our entire community. I encourage you to cast your vote for Ron Phelps."