Why I voted for Miller

Councilman Todd Miller got my vote for Mayor of Centennial when our family mailed in the ballots this week. I considered carefully and held off an earlier endorsement, because of the high standard set by the city's founding mayor, Randy Pye, and my respect for another well-qualified candidate, Cathy Noon. But I've concluded there are four decisive reasons to support Todd Miller. (1) His Council service and professional experience have prepared him as a capable CEO for Centennial.

(2) His strong campaign has demonstrated Todd's leadership, energy, people skills, and organizational ability.

(3) He wants to build on TABOR's fiscal discipline to introduce performance accountability for effectiveness and efficiency in all functions of city government.

(4) He is a spirited and thoughtful Republican, committed to governing on Republican principles and resisting the Democratic agenda for control of local government through liberal policies and electoral dominance.

Note: I also voted for Cindy Combs in Council Ward III, and I have endorsed Ron Phelps in Ward I. Both are well-qualified Republicans running against Democrats who exemplify the concerns of Item 4 above.