Voters said 'No you won't!'

Isn’t it amazing how bad policy, bad people and bad politics can turn a message of hope, into, just a mess. You’ve heard it all…Hope and Change…Yes we can….Change we can believe it…No more Bush…blah, blah, blah. Turns out they were actually messages of destructive change, that will forever change our country….and not for the better I’m afraid! Editor: Rob "Sunny" Roseman now does a daily commentary on 560 KLZ in Denver at 755am, during the Laura Ingraham show. This piece will air tomorrow.

Well, Tuesday's election turned out to be the beginning of real change…. Yes we can, turned into no you can’t and no you didn’t! We began the process of turning it into No You Won’t….not with my money at least!

Your hope and change turned into “We hope we don’t lose”….a work in progress by Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

As the old song says…..Hear me roar…No, we don’t want your form of European Socialism….No, we don’t want your out of control spending, your government control of our medical system, our corporations and banks. No we don’t want jobs created by the government, and for the government!

Now let’s take a look at what really happened the other day……The so called “Independents” that mistakenly bought the lies and voted for Obama and his gangs…well, they turned around and by a margin of 2 to 1 voted for the conservative message of turning the government back to the people. Except for the ones with the Obama stickers still on their cars…the ones that didn’t get turned in with the cash for clunkers program…..the rest came to their senses, and woke up. They’ve seen who and what these people really are about….they have finally forgotten about Bush!

Now we have a chance to defeat Crap and Trade. Now we have a chance to defeat Obamacare! Reid is already talking about delaying a vote til after the first of the year. If you were a moderate or conservative Democrat, would you be willing to walk the plank with Pelosi and Reid…..I don’t think so.

If the conservatives can put together a cohesive message….we’ll stop these horrible bills. Bennett, Polis, Salazar and Udall…..As Richard Pryor said….the gig is up. If you vote for these bills….we will make sure you lose your JOBS! And no government bailout for you!

I’m the inconvenient Sunny Roseman. Have a great day.