'Muslim Mafia' authors face censorship

The new book “Muslim Mafia” by Sperry and Guabatz, featured on Backbone Radio Nov. 8 at 530pm, reveals damning information on CAIR. Read it if you haven’t already! CAIR’s strategy is to ignore the book and work to stifle the revelations. It has friends in Congress and in the Media that are ignoring the issue. A judge has now joined the suppression effort.

Act for America, the citizens group led by Brigitte Gabriel, is pushing a petition to force the CAIR’s crimes into the national limelight, defeating efforts by Muslims and their dupes to sweep the whole thing under the rug.

Your call is to go onto the website and sign the petition. Then, forward this message to others on your mailing list and invite THEM to sign as well! This is a do or die for us. If CAIR, after such outrageous revelations about them, can still survive, what hope do we have of EVER stopping the Radical Islam Juggernaut?