The miracle that is America

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Another election day, another birthday. Backbone Radio is five years old this Sunday. In 2004 when we started, Colorado voters had just lurched left, an early indicator of the trend that would engulf Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008. Through it all, 250 weeks of the times that try men's souls, our show has stood for clear thinking and good cheer. The sensible right turn in Tuesday's balloting bespeaks not only a resurgent GOP but a resilient spirit of citizenship in the land. How good this country is! Someone on this email list wrote me the morning after: "Thank you for communicating confidence in America during this gloomy recent period in our politics." Well, friends, thank you for helping our program flourish. With your help, we intend to keep right on. Please be listening Sunday as the lineup includes:

5:20 Senate Race: Candidate Cleve Tidwell & preview of Nov. 10 forum

5:30 Jihad Rising: David Gaubatz, author of "Muslim Mafia"

6:00 Election Analysis: Ross Kaminsky of

6:30 National Security: Brian Kennedy of the Claremont Institute

7:00 Judges: Matt Arnold of Clear the Bench Colorado

7:30 Health Care: Linda Gorman of the Independence Institute

"If you doubt there are miracles, look at this flag. This is a miracle." So said Prof. Daniel Robinson, who teaches philosophy at Oxford, in a Friday lecture at Colorado Christian University. He showed how America's founding principles, rooted in natural law, honor and guard our rights. But as for our own fidelity to those principles today... that remains an open question. What shall we answer?

Yours for the Constitution, JOHN ANDREWS