Jihad at the Fort: A cop's view

Hasan is an American citizen born here in the good ol' US of A. English is his first language. If he wanted to say "God is Great," he would have, in his native tongue. Instead he elected to say "Allah Akbar," praising the Muslim god in what is at least his second language. I'm disturbed by the MSM's immediate push to blame the military, i.e.-he was worried about pending deployment or he was harrassed after 9-11. How many 100's of thousands have deployed before him and never been driven to a terrorist act on their unarmed, defenseless brothers in arms? Picked on? Sure, I bet everyone was really giving the MAJOR with a PhD a hard time and getting away with it.

How 'bout this? This devoutly muslim man (his family's words), in pursuit of his 72 virgins decided to commit his own personal jihad against the very soldiers that he'd sworn to lead and protect as an Officer in the US Army.

The President--who had to "shout out" to the Native American convention organizers before he could get around to expressing his concern about the murder of 13 of his soldiers--doesn't want us to rush to judgement. What is there to rush to? The facts are pretty clear from where I sit.

Thank God (not allah) that there were men and women willing to rush to the sounds of the guns to aid their brothers and sisters and put this TERRORIST down.