How long?

How long must America endure the depredations by radical Muslims with no response, lest we “offend” them? As the facts come in, it is clear that the Ft Hood shooting was a Jihadist attack. Boyd in North Carolina, the incident in Massachusetts, the shooting in Michigan, and others, all related to Islam and Jihad! Yet the Lame-stream media continues to whitewash Islam and tries to assert Islam had “nothing to do with these incidents!” Ridiculous! The American people have more common sense than that!

Here are the facts that it’s time for America to face, after 8 years of floundering:

1. It isn’t a “war on terror”: it is a war against Islamic Jihad! The facts on the ground support this threat analysis.

2. The Muslim Brotherhood, and its myriad of front organizations have a comprehensive long term plan to take our country down: it is a plan that is known. It’s time to deal with it.

3. The steps to defend our country and our civilization need to be taken:

a. Shut down the Muslim Brotherhood organizations

b. Shut down the Mosques and deport the Imams who preach “Death to America”

c. Stop Muslim Immigration whose only purpose is to conduct “civilizational Jihad” and destroy our society

d. Deport the Jihadist fighters who have come here under the guise of “refugees from violence”.

e. Work for energy independence to mitigate the petro-billions being sent to hostile regimes that fund Jihad.