Soapbox for al-Qaeda

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"A soapbox for al-Qaeda's case against America." That's the verdict from terrorism prosecutor Andrew McCarthy on Obama's evil decision to give KSM and other jihadist monsters a civilian trial in New York. We'll explore the chilling implications on this Sunday's show with John Guandolo, formerly a top counter-terrorism expert with the FBI and now a Centennial Institute Fellow. I will ask him to connect other dots, including the blind denial by American elites of jihadist intent by Major Hasan, the new evidence of Iranian subversion on our soil, and the "Muslim Mafia" book we featured on last week's program.

Here's the lineup for November 15, as Backbone Radio rolls into its sixth year of America without apologies, America with steel in her spine:

5:30 Political Outlook for 2010: Mark Hillman

6:00 American Jihad: John Guandolo

6:30 Health Care: Joseph C. Phillips from Hollywood

7:00 The Absurdity of It All: Columnist Jay Ambrose

7:30 Roots of Our Liberty: Author James C. Bennett

This weekend brings not one but two snowstorms to Denver. Taking down our flag out front as the first one blew in yesterday, I asked myself if there's still a reason to fly it daily, a custom we began on 9/11.

My answer: Yes, now more than ever! Our country is in peril from citizen complacency and weak if not ill-meaning leaders. Patriotic backbone from you and me was never more needed. Let's roll.

Yours for self-government JOHN ANDREWS