Polidays & Holidays

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Conservative politics and policy, our mainstay on Backbone Radio every week since 2004, will share the spotlight today with Christmas and the turn toward 2010. Join us for an overview of all the issues from health care, Copenhagen, and Afghanistan to the Colorado budget, Zhu Zhu hamsters, and the coming campaign year. Plus our holiday special including a theologian's perspective on how Jesus' birth changed the world and a columnist's wrapup of the old year and forecast of the new. (My wrapup and forecast are in Head On TV, just below.)

Here's our guest lineup for Dec. 20... 5:30 Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies 6:00 Lang Sias, Republican candidate for CD-7 6:30 Jimmy Lakey, Republican candidate for CD-7 7:00 Jay Ambrose, Scripps Howard columnist 7:30 Sid Buzzell, Dean of Theology, Colorado Christian University

The reason came is that a Man came saying that he is Truth, and that if we followed him we'd know the truth and be made free. Vast human betterment has been the result, including the miracle called America. Ample reason to celebrate!

Yours for truth and life, JOHN ANDREWS