Dems still not listening

Senator Michael Bennet has acknowledged that the Massachusetts voters' choice of Scott Brown signals their justified demand to be heard. (Denver Post, "Deciphering Voter Message," 1/21/2010) While claiming that Colorado legislators do listen to us, however, Bennet demonstrated just the opposite. He's still not listening. Massachusetts voters did indeed vigorously proclaim that governments all governments, at all levels work for us, not the other way around. That's what "representative government" means.

Missed, though, was the rest of the message. Massachusetts voters also signaled their massive rejection of the liberal agenda. Bennet didn't hear that part or chose to ignore it. Obama and all his liberal pack, including both of Colorado's senators and most our state officials, apparently are in denial.

Through op/ed letters, polls and public rallies, American voters have declared again and again that we cherish our freedoms and our open economy. We deplore excessive government spending, anti-business interference and nannyism.

At a grass-roots rally early this week a Coloradan aptly expressed his disgust, "We don't want handouts. We want hands off."

So, start really listening. Or prepare for Colorado voters' judgment in November.