Rahm Emanuel Should Do More Than Apologize

Once again, Rahm Emanuel has been exposed for being crude and insulting. He has admitted to making a very morally corrupt statement about persons with disabilities. Sarah Palin rightfully called him out on it, and he has reportedly made apologies to several advocacy organizations that support persons with disabilities. Apparently, he takes his cue from the president, who made the comment on the Jay Leno show that he bowls like a Special Olympics person. This White House apparently supports a culture in which people are demoralized and verbally abused. We see our president tour the country, making jokes and poking fun at Republicans, tea party goer's and anyone that disagrees with him. His audiences join him in laughing and pointing condescending fingers at those they believe are beneath them.

The New York Jets just levied a $50,000 fine against their head coach, Rex Ryan, for making an obscene hand gesture at some hostile fans. If the NFL has no tolerance for such conduct, how can the American people allow those in the White House to degrade our citizens?

An apology is not enough. Mr. Emanuel should pay a fine that is either donated to an organization that assists those with disabilities, or to the Treasury Department. At the rate our leadership spews such hateful remarks, they could impact the budget in a big way.