Shovel-ready jobs for Republicans

George Will was the keynote speaker Thursday evening at the CPAC Convention. Mr. Will is a "Washington Insider" and conservatives out in the heartland of America often don't agree with him, myself included, but his speech was entertaining and at times, profound. Mr. Will concluded his comments Thursday with the analogy that Mr. Obama's policies and proposals are like sand pouring in around us, perhaps faster than we can keep it shoveled away.  He noted there is much work to be done between now and the elections in November 2010.  There is much sand to move and ground to cover in order to oust liberals and RINO's and replace them with true conservatives in Congress.  Mr. Will likened the work to 'shovel ready' jobs in keeping with the president's promise a year ago when he pushed for passage of his Stimulus Bill.

There are, indeed, shovel ready jobs for each concerned Colorado conservative voter.  We are a fortunate state, in that we have the caucus system.  We can gather with our neighbors in our precincts and discuss the issues and the candidates.  We can exchange knowledge and information we've gained through researching the candidates and attending debates between them.  We have an opportunity to select the best persons for the job openings in Colorado politics. 

We will not find the perfect fit for each job, but we have a duty to choose as carefully as possible and most importantly, we are duty bound to participate.  Once our primaries are over, Coloradoans must take up our shovels and begin the Big Dig out of stifling, smothering government spending, waste and intrusion into our lives before it quietly robs us of our freedoms and liberties and further bankrupts the futures of generations to come. 

This is Colorado!  Grab your shovel and help dig for 'gold'.  Be a part of the caucus process.  Contact your county GOP office and find out who your Precinct Leader is and where your precinct caucus meeting will be held.  A group of concerned citizens in El Paso County have obtained lists of registered GOP voters in each precinct and will walk neighborhoods between now and the March caucus, encouraging their fellow Republicans to come out and be a part of this great opportunity.   The GOP brand has faltered in recent years.  We can reverse that by reaching out to our neighbors and letting them know we are proud to stand with our party in Colorado and are committed to working hard to elect the best candidates.  The more people come together to work toward the common causes and support our candidates, the more the timid members of our party will feel better about standing with us.   We'll see a resurgence of the conservative movement and a return of Colorado to its "RED" status.