Students Turn Right: Hear the Podcast

It’s widely believed that America’s campuses belong exclusively to liberals, progressives, radicals, and worse. Unfortunately that’s often true. But it’s not the whole story. Across the country, and right here in Colorado, some clear-thinking college students are going against the grain with a conviction that conservative ideas offer the best hope for their generation. On 710 KNUS last night I talked with three of those students -- and with a young campus organizer for the Leadership Institute who travels the Western states encouraging and assisting the brave collegians who have decided to make a right turn. For the podcast of "Students Turn Right," click here.

We looked into how bad it is on campus these days, what it feels like to be a right-minded student in an ocean of lefties and Obama-worshippers, and what practical steps can be taken by college activists and all the rest of us to restore some intellectual and political diversity in the halls of higher education.

The one-hour special marked the debut of Freedom University, your learning source for liberty, a service of Backbone Radio. Freedom University is a new series of monthly specials taking you behind the headlines and back to the founding principles that have made America the freest and most successful nation in history. Freedom will be lost if we don’t constantly educate and motivate ourselves to keep it. The series will provide a radio classroom in which concerned Coloradans can work together for that all-important goal.