We're with you, John

By Tom Graham A Letter to Atty. Gen. John Suthers

Thank you for joining the attorneys general in 12 other states to challenge Obamacare on constitutional grounds. Although I don't officially represent a group as spokesman, I can state that all of my many associates and friends believe that the health care bill is unconstitutional from a number of standpoints, especially the policy purchase requirement. Many of these people are quite knowledgeable regarding insurance, and some are attorneys and legitimate constitutional scholars.

I have been lecturing to as many as I can gather about the motivation for the bill's passage. It isn't about health, but is an opening into the public option. The day after passage, leftists were demanding that the "option" be re-installed when the bill returned to the House. This, of course, would quickly result in the end of private insurance, both profit and non-profit. The figure attributing this industry to approximately 1/6 of the economy is verified. Therefore it is a major element of the plan to turn the nation Socialist.

All of the Obama administration actions have fallen to either the Socialist model or the Communist, as per academic definitions. (See my series about this in previoius posts.) We cannot think of any that don't intentionally kill free markets. This bill must be overturned, without waiting for the return of a responsible congress and administration to power. The takeover (Socialist) or central control (Communist) of the basic industries... energy, automobiles, housing, financial services, health insurance, debt defaults, etc., will descend us to the third world.

We all support your pivotal constitutional contest.