Paul Revere on air

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It was on this night in 1775 that a Boston silversmith rode through the sleeping countryside to warn his fellow patriots the British were coming. Today the danger to liberty is every bit as great, but the alarm may seem less compelling: "The progressives are coming. The socialists are coming. The secularists are coming. The greens are coming. The bureaucrats are coming. The bankruptcy is coming." Too many Americans may answer with a shrug. Yet that's our wakeup call on Backbone Radio, and we'll do all we can to summon minutemen to the constitutional cause. My guests this evening include:

530 John Bolton, Former UN Ambassador

6pm Ralph Reed, head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition

630 Sally Pipes on health care

7pm Attorney General John Suthers

730 Paul Jacob on petition rights and term limits

Please listen in and call in. As much depended on Sam Adams and Paul Revere in their day, much now depends on you and me.

Yours wide awake, JOHN ANDREWS