Riot Police?

The President visited his adopted home state of Illinois yesterday.He spoke in Quincy to a hand-picked group of swooning supporters.  While he chided Americans with respect to how much money he thinks each ought to make, a peaceful group of tea partiers gathered on city streets outside.    Local police donned riot gear in order to 'control'  the suspected malefactors.  Sharpshooters monitored the tea party participants from roof tops with keen eyes set on grandfathers in lawn chairs suspiciously waving  American flags.  Surely, Mr. Obama and his team knew this display of force would be widely spread through videos and photos.  A message needed to be sent.  Interestingly enough, no YouTube videos have yet surfaced showing riot police patroling the Obama supporters that also lined streets to greet the motorcade.  Remember when the President of the United States didn't fear kindly grandmothers that simply want to express their concern over the country they are leaving behind?  Since when does the sitting President think its necessary to line the streets of small town America with heavily armed officers to keep an eye on returning war heroes?   Is it a threat to an Administration when law abiding, tax paying citizens join their neighbors on streets and sidewalks paved w/ their hard-earned dollars to hold up a homemade sign in peaceful dissent? 

When Mr. Obama promised to fundamentally change America,  little did we know the extreme he had in mind.  What can we expect now at future tea parties and patriotic 4th of July celebrations, honoring our Constitution and Founders?  Even more troubling is the anticipation of what might happen in November at voting locations.  Memorial Day will be here soon; a time to remember with humble, insufficient thanks those that served and died gallantly to protect our free speech and right to peacefully assemble. 

Is this change we can all believe in, or dare we hope for something much better?