Tough love for teachers: Listen 6/3 7pm

Bad teachers beware! Colorado now has a law that ties teacher tenure to student performance, finally. Thursday at 7:00 on 710 KNUS in Denver, I'll explore what it means with "Tough Love for Teachers," the latest in our monthly series of one-hour specials called Freedom University. Listen if you can, and catch up later with the podcast right here

Parents, employers, citizens, and taxpayers can applaud the tenure reform on one hand, and ask on the other hand why it wasn’t done long ago. Public education is the most expensive item in our state and local budgets, and we’re not getting our money’s worth. Maybe this new approach is a step toward real value in the classroom at long last.

On "Tough Love for Teachers" I'll talk with two legislators who were instrumental in making it happen, Sen. Michael Johnston (D-Denver) and Rep. Murray (R-Highlands Ranch). Also joining me will be Dr. Bill Moloney, Centennial Institute fellow and former Colorado Education Commissioner, and a pair of education experts from the Independence Institute, Pam Benigno and Ben DeGrow.