Treasurer primary: Take it from me

In today’s economy everyone is looking for ways to better manage their money. It is important that we also find someone qualified to manage our state tax money. Someone who knows public finance and will use sound, conservative fiscal policy to manage investments and protect the people’s hard earned tax dollars. In my judgment as a former municipal treasurer, that person is J. J. Ament. After spending 10 years advising state and local governments across the country in matters concerning public finance, J. J. is running for State Treasurer so he can use his experience to benefit the State of Colorado. He would be the first State Treasurer in over 40 years with a professional background in finance.

A strong supporter of TABOR, J. J. will be an advocate for the taxpayers and a voice against reckless spending and government waste. He intends to restore the independence between the Treasurer’s office and the Governor’s office and State Legislature.

Carefully review the candidates’ qualifications. You will find that J. J. Ament is the candidate most qualified to be our next State Treasurer.

Susan Bockenfeld Former Treasurer City of Centennial