Public broadcasting & me

My amicable collaboration with noncommercial radio in Colorado since the 1980s, and with noncommercial television since the 1990s (in the form of Head On, familiar to readers of this site and to viewers statewide), didn't get in the way of someone on the left named Joe Power whose story line of my alleged "hatred" for public broadcasting was peddled in a Nov. 14 letter to the Denver Post. The paper won't print my replies to such attacks in the form of a return letter; they want me to use my twice-monthly column for that purpose, which I don't regard as a good use of ink and paper. But I did post the following reply online: Mr. Power is howling at the moon with his indictment of my supposed antipathy to public broadcasting. If he checked his facts, it would emerge that my cordial relationship with both KCFR and KUVO, on the radio side, dates from the 1980s, and my TV presence on KBDI has been continuous since 1997, involving daily appearances on air as well as substantial underwriting donations, year after year.

I do agree with Congressman Doug Lamborn and millions of other Americans that NPR should not have a tax subsidy for its trendy leftist message, but that hardly makes me a "hater" of the non-commercial airwaves.

As to whether KVOD lives on since Gene Amole's demise, nope. The mere parroting of those call letters by Colorado Public Radio can no more revive the glories of old Ruby Hill than the word-games of "Invesco Field at Mile High" can resurrect the gone-forever grandstands of Mile High Stadium -- pulled down for a parking lot.