Ballot simplified: More jobs, more roads, less taxes

Here’s how I’m voting on Colorado’s crowded list of ballot issues for 2018. Also my take on candidate races and judges.

The issues: Thirteen changes to the state constitution or laws are up for decision by we the people. That’s a lot to wade through. 

But they boil down to a few common-sense ideas — more jobs, more roads, less taxes, better maps for electing congressmen and legislators and — “when in doubt, vote no.”

Take the big ones first. 

Vote no on 112 because it will throw many thousands out of work and tank the economy by shutting down the state’s oil and gas industry. 

Vote no on 73 and 110 because we’re already overtaxed. Smarter spending, not higher taxes, is the answer for our schools and roads. 

Vote yes on 109 to build those roads by bonding existing revenue, like a mortgage on your house. 

Vote yes on Y and Z to stop the gerrymandering by which politicians pick their voters instead of vice versa.

Now for the smaller ones. 

Vote yes on A so it’s clear a convict isn’t a slave.

Vote yes on 75 so ordinary candidates can take bigger donations when mega-rich candidates spend their own millions.

Vote no on 111 so consenting adults can borrow and lend for mutual benefit, without the nanny state babying them.

Vote no on 74 so endless lawsuits over land use don’t paralyze the give and take between property rights and public need.

Vote no on V (age of eligibility), unless you want college kids as lawmakers. Yikes!

Vote yes on W (judicial ballot format) and X (hemp definition) for constitutional housekeeping.

So that’s my recommendation on all thirteen. Reasonable people can differ on the last nine. Do as you think best. 

But on the first four — more jobs, more roads, less taxes — it’s an easy call, and a vital one.  

Get those wrong and Coloradans will really regret it. Let’s get’em right!

To summarize, in the order listed on your ballot:

V = No

W= Yes

X = Yes

Y = Yes

Z = Yes

A = Yes

73 = No

74 = No

75 = Yes

109 = Yes

110 = No 

111 = No

112 = No

Judges up for retention: I’ll cast a solid no-vote on all of them.

Nothing personal, since most do a pretty good job.

But our state’s performance evaluation system is toothless, and ultimately we need judicial term limits. By turning thumbs down, we send that message.

Candidate races: Please join me in voting a straight Republican ticket.

The GOP, while obviously imperfect, is America’s best bulwark against leftism sweeping away our entire constitutional structure.

Other than the church, the Republican Party is the most important force on earth for human liberty. We need it. It needs us. There is no Plan B.

Thank you for taking your civic duty seriously.

Think on it, pray on it, act on it.

America’s future is up to us.

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