Making schools safer: How & how not to

A few hours after the Florida tragedy, outrageous lies about school shootings began. Typical of the reported "school shootings in 2018" was an incident where a man committed suicide near a school that has been closed for months. Another: Someone fired shots in a school parking lot at midnight. There were 18 such examples of "school shootings," none of which involved danger to anyone.

These, of course, are precursors to universal weapon confiscation, a left-wing goal. Having recognized the successes of fabian socialism, rather than immediate disarming of the populace, several additional real or manufactured massacres will be necessary before jack-booted enforcers arrive at your door. 

 Ultimate goal: Organizing a Marxist society without an armed resistance problem. Please read Hitler's words! Ask the Jews!

Where were Florida's armed school protectors? Where was Columbine's guard? Where are the volunteer teachers with military experience and concealed-carry license training? How many days after all weapons, including concealed-carry, were banned at Virginia Tech (my alma mater), before 32 were slaughtered?  

Confiscation from those with mental problems seems reasonable. But with it comes the risk that conservatives will be certified as unbalanced by some inept or malicious functionary.