Sharia on the march in EU, UK, USA. What's to be done?

Editor: On October 1 in Centennial, Colorado, a capacity crowd heard an urgent warning for Americans to protect our freedoms before it’s too late, based on the harrowing personal experiences of two European women who have both paid the price for speaking their minds about the impact of Islamic inroads in Europe -- losing their jobs, almost losing their children and homes, one threatened with her life.

I wasn’t a sponsor of the event, but helped promote it, for which Westword, the local mouthpiece for Hamas doing business as CAIR, called me an ally of “global hate groups.” Pretty rich, since the only hate voiced that night was what the speakers, Katie and the Wolff, have had to endure from Islamists and their apologists—as the following report from Gary Greeno makes clear.

As contributor Gary Greeno saw it

The dauntless Austrian free-speech advocate Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and the fiery British journalist Katie Hopkins gave firsthand accounts of the consequences of speaking their minds in a European community increasingly flooded with, and intimidated by, immigrant Muslims.

The hall was filled to overflowing with about 200 attendees. Most were boomers, white hair, supportive, alarmed at what had happened to these women, concerned about their own future and that of their kids. Little sign of the younger generation, the millennials, however.   

I was there because my research after 9/11 asking “Why do they hate us so?” had brought an alarming realization that the Islamist vision is to reclaim the world for Mohammed and replace the laws of men with the Laws of God (Sharia). Sharia mandates political, social and personal conformance with the ways of Mohammed.  Deviancy is punishable by death.  There is no freedom of speech, thought or personal practices. 

I learned that the extremist (Islamist) view of Sunni Islam called Wahabism asserted that the reason the West dominated Islam in the 20tth century was because Muslims had strayed from the ways of Mohammed.  After WWI brought the fall of the Islamic Ottoman empire (The Caliphate) -- allied with Germany—this view was considered validated.  The Shia branch of Islam holds a similar animus against the West, just as virulent and focused on the same end, even though frequently at war with the Sunni branch. 

Gary’s impressions of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff’s testimony

A child of an Austrian diplomat, she experienced various middle eastern cities where her father was posted. At 9 years old, she enjoyed pre-revolution Iran in the days of the Shaw.  Women moved freely, no head covering, attended schools; then she noticed an increasing number of black clad woman.  Her mother secretly cooked for two American hostages who had taken refuge in the Austrian Embassy in July 1980.  “Islam changes people!”  Their Islamic maid set their house on fire for mom’s actions. 

On August 2, 1990 while in the Austrian Embassy in Baghdad, Kuwait was invaded and she experienced war again. Her landlord burst in without knocking screaming “The Jews Did it”!  She met her husband there and was later posted to Libya – War again.

Back in Austria, she became an English teacher as Muslim Bosnian refugees flooded the country.  She began to teach the Consequences of Islam, her topic became increasingly popular, she had posed the question, “What do you call a man who lusts after children, if not a pedophile?” (Referencing the undisputed fact that Mohammed married a 6-year-old girl and consummated the marriage when the girl turned 9.)

 She was found guilty of denigrating an officially recognized religion. She was fined, then lost appeal after appeal, finally to the European Court of Human Rights where the final ruling against her amounted to, in Elisabeth’s words,


Her call to action for you and me as Americans is this: “Freedom of speech is dead in Europe! And now your American right to free speech is under siege, you must wake up and fight! If America falls, all is lost, there is no other place else to go!“

Gary’s impressions of Katie Hopkins’s testimony

Before us stood small British woman, attractive, an incisive, unapologetic sense of humor who made you laugh with her pithy remarks.  Twice married, three children, a proud Christian mother. A British Ann Coulter. 

Discharged from the Royal Military College of Sandhurst for health reasons (Epilepsy), she served in British Intelligence then into journalism. A million followers on Twitter.  Katie was the ‘most read’ columnist at; a popular host on London talk radio; a regular guest with Sean Hannity; and a familiar face on Tucker Carlson and Fox News.  

However, Katie was forced out of her UK media jobs and is now barred from Fox.   Could it beSaudi royalty influence with a significant ownership in the parent company of Fox, News Corpand admitted friendship with the owner of News Corp, Rupert Murdoch?  I have noticed a change in Fox reporting.  So has Judge Jeanine Pirro, who was suspended for criticizing Rep. Ilhan Omar. So have Rush Limbaugh and President Trump.  First Amendment under siege?

The first objective to tear down a culture is to tear apart the family and institutions:  Attack the family, attack the flag, attack authority (My view)!

In Great Britain, no parental consent is required for public schools to teach children about transition identity; Notre Dame was not burned by accident.    Is it happening here? Mandating behavior in spite of religious beliefs? (Wedding Cakes).  

“They come after your children”. social services were sent to check on her children.  If you are conservative, you may not beallowed to adopt children. “Diversity means no white people!”, “A racist is a white person with an opinion”

“They come for your home”: She no longer has any property in her name.

In Great Britain, the flag is no longer displayed in many places.  Pride in nation is not respected.   Is it happening here? Students in Denver tear down the American flag and put a Mexican flag in its place.

If you suggest Mohamed was a pedophile, you are charged with contempt of court, even threatened with beheading by Islamic jihadis.

Sidiq Kahn, mayor of London, has speech and thought control squads.  Two men dressed in black knocked on her door- they would not show any ID - Intimidation.  Government services provide housing for Muslims only. Many major cities in England and Northern Ireland have Muslim Mayors. (See Fact Check).  Jews have been called the canary in the coal mine.  They are leaving Great Britain.  

She says, “We are starting to fight back”.  17 ½ Million Brits voted to exit the European Union, voted for Boris Johnson, 64 million voted for Trump. Salvini in Italy, Poland and Ukraine refuse to accept. Russia & China fight back.  However Muslim fertility far exceeds European birth rates.  By 2025 she estimates that Muslim births in the UK will exceed Non-Muslim births and by 2050, Muslims will be in the majority.  

Katie Hopkins’s summation: “Americans, you are in for a tough time!  Remember, be proud of who you are.  Take two people with you and fight back.”

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 The Truth is No Defense by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Rude by Katie Hopkins

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