There is no such thing as Islamophobia

Because of my strong opposition to some of Mohammed’s oppressive teachings and some of his violent followers, I get accused of holding an impermissible attitude called “Islamophobia”—an irrational animus or vendetta against Muslim people.

That’s a lie, and here’s the reason.

I have no dislike or fear of my neighbors who happen to be Muslims, whether down the street or across the world. I take them as I find them.

Muslims as people may be as good or as bad as anybody else, Christian, Jew, whatever.

But Islam as a system is self-evidently bad. Islam in its pure doctrine and its age-old goals, never renounced, intends to rule the world. Which means it wants you and me enslaved or dead.

To reject that and resist it is not a mental disorder, a phobia. It’s common sense.

To disagree with a disagreeable doctrine, a body of belief that means me harm, is not an irrational fear. It’s self-preservation.

So we should recognize that as a supposedly diagnosable state of mind, a punishable condition, so-called Islamophobia is nonexistent nonsense.

Islamophobia does exist, of course, as a political scare word, but as such it is merely the refuge of the crybaby bully.

It’s the cowardly tactic of those who fear criticism and truth, a false guilt accusation to cow opponents into silence.

If you can’t defend the indefensible in Mohammed’s bloody legacy of a thousand years, can’t win an argument on its merits, call your opponent an Islamophobe and declare victory. So goes the con.

That may work on some people. Sorry, but it doesn’t work on me. I won’t be silenced. Will you?

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