Civilizational perils of mass immigration

(By Dave Scruby) Immigrants, refugees, seekers of political asylum, all remind us how fortunate we are—we the people of these United States who are already here.    

Our good fortune is in the heroes who came before us—the pilgrims, revolutionary soldiers, framers of the Constitution, and the many presidents and statesmen—as well as in countless unsung ordinary Americans.

All were driven by their determination for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

How much were they "in the moment" and how much thought were they giving to the welfare of future generations?

Today, how many of us are merely "in the moment"?

Sensible immigration is a must. Legal rules apply to those seeking refuge, opportunity, freedom and a better way of life.

Immigration has many moral and economic implications, but our greatest duty is to consider its long-term effect on the future of the country as we know it today.

How many generations of mass immigration will it take before our cultural and political  ideals perish?

Don’t we, as responsible Americans, have the obligation to pass on to those that follow the principles we hold so dearly today?

Political pandering for the sake of winning an election is selling out future generations.

Much as we may sympathize with the plight of others, our first responsibility is to future generations of Americans. We can best help the whole world by helping the United States survive and thrive as a beacon to the world—not by trying to take everyone in. 

It’s not politically correct to say so, but it’s the truth: for America’s moral, political, and cultural excellence to survive, the country’s population makeup must remain much as it always has—not exactly so, but surely avoiding the massive transformation some now seek.

This is the only way the principles of liberty and opportunity we have so long enjoyed will continue in this new century, unimpaired by religious or cultural influences incompatible with the core American identity.

To achieve this, elections matter. We the people must choose responsible, tough-minded, forward-thinking leaders who will make the hard choices with an eye to the future of our country, rather than merely the popularity of the moment.

Dave Scruby writes from Lakewood, Colorado. He was formerly a banker in Evergreen and a leader in Colorado’s financial services industry. Contact