Leftist agenda of TV entertainment

This month ABC’s crime drama Castle has emerged as the newest entertainment show used by the left-liberal political machine. What else could explain the subject matter which transparently resembled a recent GOP Senator’s love affair scandal to which the main characters made the comment, “so much for family values.” Not to be outdone, the show following, Eli Stone, depicted an ephemeral image of a woman dressed in a white sheer dress to which the star of the drama said, “…just like Britney Spears and Sarah Palin.” What? Did they write the show a few days before it aired?

Even more alarming are the re-runs of shows like Boston Legal and Will & Grace, which mysteriously appear at a time when certain political issues are in the news. Here are just a few examples: Boston Legal “Race Issa” (2004) makes a reference to a vice president shooting a hunting pal and the two stars laughing over a brandy about the obvious reference; “Squid Pro Quo” (2006) where the issue of abortion in India is debated in a court room referring to the “problem” of the U.S. refusing to provide funding for abortion clinics overseas.

In a Will & Grace episode, “Word Salad Days” (2006) re-run, a discussion ensues about the DiVinci Code and a reference is made to whether that would “turn him into the Karl Rove of the 16th century.” Another Will & Grace episode “A Gay/December Romance” (2004) created a scenario of an art show and having the character Jack remark how it is a good place to meet old gay men who support young gay guys, “just like [the relationship between] Dick Cheney and George Bush.”

These are TV sitcom shows…not media news. The scurrilous attacks on the Conservative Right inserted into what is meant to be simply entertainment is not only disturbing, but downright dangerous.

Do not let TV be turned into a political machine. Protest these shows by grabbing your remote and turn to another channel. Ratings rule. Write to the producers of these shows and their advertisers and tell them you prefer not to be inundated by their political message on shows meant only to entertain. Consumers control, express your right to be free of media sabotage into the sanctuary of your family home.