Andrew Romanoff

What's Jay Say: BHO's Moral Confusion

There were two revealing stories about President Obama in the same day's paper. In the first, the White House defended its effort to sway Democrat Andrew Romanoff from the U.S. Senate race. His defense was that everybody does it. Doesn't that sound like a response you would get from your teenager? In the second story, Obama objected to the tough immigration law that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed by calling it discriminatory. It does in fact discriminate -- against those who entered our country illegally. Both articles point to the Obama proclivity to call evil good and good evil, as the Bible might put it. (Source: 6/4/10 Denver Post)

Bennet & Obama: Misery Loves Company

It's either pathetic or funny to see Sen. Michael Bennet desperately embracing President Obama for a Feb. 18 campaign event in Denver. (Read his manager's breathless email below.) The two out-of-touch liberal incumbents, each dropping like a rock, must hope they can defy gravity by holding hands. Bennet just fell further behind GOP front-runner Jane Norton, now trailing her by 14 points in the Rasmussen poll. Worse, his underfunded primary challenger Andrew Romanoff is only 7 points down to Norton in the same poll.

After Obama's impotence in campaigning for Dems in VA, NJ, and MA the past 100 days, what can he do in CO but make things worse for Bennet anyway?

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