Six rules for financial backbone

Editor: This quick primer for recession survival was offered on our 3/29 radio show by David Bradshaw of Swiss America, the gold firm. 1. Don’t borrow: The U.S. is suffering from a chronic debt addiction of monumental proportion. We've now amassed $1 trillion in bad mortgage debt, $1 trillion in weak consumer credit card debt and nearly $10 trillion in government debt. Debt enslaves us to an economic system in a chronic state of collapse. Learn to live within your means.

2. Own hard money: If you have money, put a portion of it into tangible assets before the dollar’s value is further destroyed by inflation. Precious metal and U.S. rare coin prices recently corrected and today represent an excellent value buy for both safety and long-term growth.

3. Think for yourself: Search for reliable information about the economic and political situation. Read books and turn off the TV and video games. Discuss ideas and issues with your kids, family and friends.

4. Develop new skills: Learn to be more self-reliant. Do your own household repairs. Grow and cook your own food. Shop at thrift stores. Start your own part-time business. 5. Become politically active: Register, vote and demand honest elections. Support politicians with integrity, who favor smaller government, lower taxes and the Constitution. Reread the Constitution as a reminder of your rich American heritage. Demand changes in accordance with your core values.

6. Fear not, God is in control: We tend to be overwhelmed by external forces such as government, corporations, banks, credit ratings, the economy, media, armies and technology. In reality, God is the only source of power in the universe. The more we realize God's presence, the less we fear externals. By God’s grace we can reverse the trend from being a bailout nation to being a blessed nation again.

Bradshaw's website has the original piece here.

He also provided this link to Swiss America's free DVD offer with short trailer.