obamacare passes

Give'em 219 pink slips

On Sunday, 219 of our supposed Congressional "representatives" approved Obamacare. This so-called health-reform bill, costing nearly a trillion dollars, commits us to a yet more devastating deficit. Cobbled together with undisclosed, unintegrated special-interest deals, the only people whose wishes it does not address are thetax-payers. You and I just get to pay.

Worse, America lost. This administration flouts the precious principle of representative government, fundamental to our republic. Monstrous deficits undermine our economy, inflating costs and decreasing jobs. No longer a beacon of freedom, our government becomes just another corrupt, deal-ridden, coercive mire.

"Leaders" ought to serve as both public servants and exemplars. That outrageous shenanigans and skullduggery were deployed to compel Obamacare votes is wrong for America.

But the November election is less than eight months away. Now we know precisely who puts party politics and petty deals ahead of our interest. Now we can issue 219 pink slips.