stem cell research

What's Jay say? Woods, cells, pets

Jay Says One: Gov. Bill Ritter signed a law that expands civil protection orders to include threats or acts of violence against pets. Pets? This is the same governor who has supported the killing of unborn babies in the womb. Why would an individual or a society want to protect animals, but not human beings? Jay Says Two: The Food and Drug Administration is putting the pinch on adult stem cell therapy that uses the patient's own stem cells. This procedure has been very effective. However, embryonic stem cell research, which requires the killing of of a baby in its earliest form, has been approved. The irony is that there has been private sector funding of embryonic stem-cell research, but it has failed to produce results. Why is our government so intent on killing babies?

Jay Says Three: After Brit Hume's son committed suicide, Brit recognized his need and yielded his life to Jesus Christ. He encouraged Tiger Woods to consider "the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith." Then, there was a firestorm of criticism. On the live coverage of the Masters, Tiger was so upset with his play that he cursed using the name of Jesus Christ on national television. Will there be the same sort of outburst against Tiger Woods for using the name of God the Son in vain?