Friday: Acres of Diamonds

Psalm 102:1:28. What would it look like for me to love and cherish the very dust (verse 14, KJV) of my community of believers and the places we hold sacred?

II Kings 13:1-25.  In what ways am I under-claiming (verse 19) on God's gracious promises and provision for me and mine? 

Acts 23:23-35. Further on claiming what's fully ours in Christ: Paul as a Roman citizen warranted the protection of almost 500 soldiers, similar to God "scrambling all the fighter jets" for one person's rescue in Psalm 18.  Lord, open my eyes to the acres of diamonds you've provided!

Mark 14:66-72. What timid little denials of Jesus dishonor my witness? What opportunity can I seize today to identify with him unafraid?