Saturday 8/27: Chief of Sinners

Psalm 110:1-7. Verse 4 declares the perfect priesthood of Jesus crucified and risen, as the writer of Hebrews explains (chapters 5 and 7). What needs of mine can I bring to his altar today?

Job 3:1-26. What specific fears oppress me right now (verse 25) and what is God's specific antidote for them, waiting for me to claim?

I Timothy 1:12-20. If Paul, chief of sinners, could be saved by Jesus and then used by him, how can I today break free of past misdeeds and current failings, to war a good warfare for the faith?

Luke 4:22-30. For being Truth and speaking truth, Jesus was hated from the very outset of his ministry, yet kept safe and spared for the work. What opportunities to follow him, beckon me?