Bible Thursday 9/29: Honor Roll

Psalm 105:1-45. If you made a list of the top 5-6 individuals through whom God has touched your life, like the honor roll in this Psalm, who would be on it?

Job 36:1-33. What current difficulty in my life, appearing to be the fallen world doing me wrong, may instead be God "opening my ear to discipline" (verse 10 KJV)?

II Corinthians 8:1-9. What riches, made possible for me by Christ's poverty (verse 9), can I more fully partake in right now?

Luke 10:1-16. Where may the ripeness of God's harvest be right in front of me, unseen? How can I help harvest better for him this very day?

These are some of the questions I asked myself in studying this morning's four readings from the  St. James Daily Devotional Guide. Where is your self-examination leading today?