Bible Monday 6/5: Peter Preaches

Studying this morning's four readings from the St. James Daily Devotional Guide (click to subscribe), I examined myself with these questions. Where is your self-examination leading today?

Psalm 52:1-9. What threat of evil in my life or in our world should I laugh at rather than tremble at, through God's strength (verses 6-7)? Prayer point for today?

Joel 3:1-21. Does God's valley of decision (verse 14, KJV) summon not only the nations but each of us individually? If so, what decision shall I seek his counsel on today?

Acts 2:22-47. Taking Peter's message in verses 14-40 as the first sermon ever preached to the church, how does the preaching in my church measure up? How well do we uphold the four essentials in verse 42?

John 14:22-31. Verse 26, what would I most want the Holy Spirit to teach me about or remind me about at this time in my life? Verse 27, on what matter do I most need Christ's peace today?

To go deeper, see interpretive notes by Bible scholar Patrick Reardon for many of this week's readings.