Bible Saturday 1/27: Pilgrims

Studying this morning's four readings from the St. James Daily Devotional Guide (click to subscribe), I examined myself with these questions. Where is your self-examination leading today?

Psalms 139:1-24. Verses 13-15, keynote for opponents of the abortion holocaust. What more can I do to help save the lives of unborn children? What more can my church do?

Deuteronomy 30:1-20. Verse 19, did I on a specific day make this choice with finality forever? How did it change me? How will the same choice confront me in small subtle ways today?

Hebrews 11:8-16. How does this passage inform my attitude toward politics, possessions, status, and success? How can I be more like Abraham and Sarah, a sojourner and pilgrim here?

Matthew 8:23-27. Verse 26, what situation in my life right now calls for more faith and less fear? Am I sometimes like the disciples in thinking Jesus is asleep and unaware of my needs?

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To go deeper, see interpretive notes by Bible scholar Patrick Reardon for many of this week's readings.