Bible Wednesday 1/10: Beatitudes

Studying this morning's four readings from the St. James Daily Devotional Guide (click to subscribe), I examined myself with these questions. Where is your self-examination leading today?

Psalms 119:1-24. Verse 18 KJV, by opening my eyes wider, physically and spiritually, can I catch sight of five wondrous things about God by this time tomorrow?

Deuteronomy 13:1-18. Verse 10, this was used against Stephen and attempted against Paul, for following Jesus. How can it be the word of God? Does God ordain religious freedom?

Titus 3:1-15. Verse 10, related issue. How does my church or denomination define a heretic and deal with him or her? On what biblical grounds? Am I entangled with any heresies myself?

Matthew 5:1-12. Which of Jesus' Beatitudes come easiest for me? Which come hardest? Shall I choose one as my theme to put in practice all this week?

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To go deeper, see interpretive notes by Bible scholar Patrick Reardon for many of this week's readings.