No Surrender

BULLETIN FROM JOHN ANDREWSChairman, Backbone America Colorado Fellow, Claremont Institute

I could hardly believe my ears. We're on the set at Rocky Mountain PBS, talking about illegal immigration, the assassination of Officer Donald Young, and the Kennedy-McCain amnesty bill in Congress.

Just before the taping I've heard Mayor Hickenlooper on the radio professing helplessness on this issue. Now, on camera, Denver Post columnist Diane Carman speaks against any effort by local authorities to refer illegals for federal attention. John Hazlehurst, former Colorado Springs councilman, outdoes her by advocating utter capitulation at all levels to the silent invasion from Mexico. Their attitude of surrender really outraged me. I fired back at full heat. Fortunately Linda Seebach of the Rocky Mountain News was there to help me argue for tougher enforcement locally, as well as secure borders north and south. Watch us if you can, this evening, Friday the 20th at 830pm on Channel 6 in Denver, Channel 8 in Pueblo, or Channel 18 in Grand Junction. (Show airs again midnight Friday and 530am Sunday.)

"No surrender" is kind of a theme for me this week. Friday morning I joined former US House Majority Leader Dick Armey in offering a Denver Post opinion piece against Colorado's proposed $3 billion tax increase, "Proposed Tabor Changes Bad for Taxpayers."

Sunday evening on the radio I will work a similar theme with military historian Victor Davis Hanson, foreign policy analyst Angelo Codevilla, and educator George Roche. Please join me on KNUS, 710 AM in Denver, or online at

Our May 22 edition of "Backbone Radio with John Andrews" brings you another big helping of the most principled, most patriotic, most faith-based, most Colorado-proud conversation on the weekend radio dial. You won't want to miss...

** Hanson's eloquent defense of what American citizenship really means, against both the open-borders fallacy and defeatism in wartime.

** Codevilla's tough-minded scorecard on Iraq, what we've done right there and what we've done wrong.

** Roche's reflections on 40 years in the war of ideas, on campuses from Boulder to Hillsdale, in the world of conservative publishing and foundations, and now with his new essay, "The Third American Revolution."

I'll also talk with civil rights attorney Rob Corry about the racial hypocrisy of universities, illustrated anew by Ward Churchill's claims of Indianhood -- and with Fran Miller, member of a local planning board, about the games politicians and developers play at your expense.

I'm really hoping you will listen in, call in at 303-696-1971, or email your questions and comments to You can tune in at 710 AM from most places on Colorado's Front Range. Or listen online from anywhere by clicking to

Make room for us in your Sunday evening. We're the talk show that believes in America without apologies, that puts principle into politics, that's quietly recruiting citizen soldiers to help restore this Republic. Want to be one?


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