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"Backbone Radio with John Andrews, " 5-8pm on 710 KNUS this Sunday, July 10, will look at the people and policies of our U.S. Supreme Court -- after a spring of big decisions and heading into a summer of confirmation battles. We'll take your calls about the woeful judicial misrule Americans now endure, a far cry from Hamilton's assurance the courts would be the least dangerous branch of government.

Court-watchers (and new parents) Jessica and Rob Corry will cover most of the show for me. I'll report in from California, where I am attending a Claremont Institute seminar on conservative principles for young journalists.

Other guests will include Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi and local Fox TV investigative reporter Charles Leaf. Leaf broke the CU professors travel spending story, subject of Jessica's latest column.

Harsanyi has been hammering on the fallacies of the Referendum C tax increase recently. But his beef with Congressman Bob Beauprez on the issue seems misplaced, judging from Bob's strong words this week -- see Republican quote log below.

Please tune us in this Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS broadcast or webcast. Call with your questions and comments at 303-696-1971, or email me at

One more thing, very important. Just hours after the London bombings, I was at Colorado Public Television taping my next round of "Head On" debates with Susan Barnes-Gelt. Our exchange on Iraq was scripted earlier so it makes no direct reference to London. But it pretty well captures the poles-apart views of Bush and Kerry supporters about this conflict at present. The text is below, have a look.


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--------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEAD ON TV DEBATES * JULY 2005 SERIES * CHANNEL 12, DENVER

John: For the security of our country and the security of free people everywhere, it would be disastrous if the United States gave up the fight in Iraq, just because the insurgents are proving tougher than expected. The defeatism of such Democrats as Ted Kennedy is as shameful as his father siding with Hitler. Our enemy in Iraq is the same one that attacked us on 9/11. To let them win would be suicidal.

Susan: The Iraqis are NOT the enemy that attacked American on 9/11 - It was the Afghani’s – abetted in no small part by the Saudi’s - who attacked us. That’s why we went to war in Afghanistan. Iraq is the enemy Bush decided to go to war against - before he was inaugurated in 2001. Call it what you like – quagmire or long slog – Americans are tired of losing their sons and daughters.

John: Don’t underestimate the courage, resolve, and good sense of the American people, Susan. This country, tired? Maybe John Kerry and his people are, but they lost the election. America’s silent majority clearly understands that Bin Laden, Zarqawi, and the rest of the Islamic fascists seek to destroy us unless we destroy them. Defeat or retreat is not in our vocabulary. We’re going to see this thing through and win.

Susan: Win what? What are the criteria that define winning? Truth is, we could plant a flag and declare victory – right now. We toppled Saddam, have him in custody and oversaw the first democratic elections. The longer we stay, the tougher it will be to leave. Our soldiers deserve a better fate. Why are we still there?

John: Your blithe declaration of victory would not disguise a humiliating defeat for America, Britain, and the dozens of nations working with us to build an Iraq where freedom is secure and the Islamo-fascist insurgency is beaten. Those goals are being achieved, but the job is not done yet. Would you have us quit and slink away as we did in Somalia? That surrender led straight to 9/11. I say never again.

Susan: C’mon John – we went to war in Iraq based on faulty intelligence. Read the 3-year old Downing Street Memo. Even the Brits say the facts and information were being manipulated to advance the idea of going to war with Iraq. Even conservative North Carolina Republican Walter “freedom fries” Jones says it’s time to bring the troops home. “What else is there for America to do?” he asks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


"If I had to vote today, I’d vote no. This is the biggest tax increase ever in the state of Colorado. We don’t know if it’s $3.1 billion, we just know it’s everything – everything that comes in for five years. After that you have a government that’s on steroids, and then how do you stop them?" -- Congressman Bob Beauprez, potential candidate for governor, Arapahoe Republican Men's Club 7/6/05

"Left-wing forces... want to raise your taxes... my conscience cannot support this." -- Marc Holtzman, potential candidate for governor, Denver Post 6/30/05

"It is in fact a tax increase, and once government gets all that new money, there's no going back." -- Former Congressman Scott McInnis, potential candidate for governor, Highlands Ranch Republican Club 6/24/05.

"Not good for Colorado, must be defeated." -- State Treasurer Mike Coffman, currently on military leave and a potential candidate for secretary of state, Republican Central Committee speech 3/19/05

"Voters are not convinced that a 'budget crisis' exists. I opposed Referendum C when it came to a vote in the Senate, and I continue to do so." -- Interim State Treasurer Mark Hillman, former Senate Minority Leader, Capitol Review column 5/31/05

House Minority Leader Joe Stengel, a potential candidate for state treasurer, also voted against Ref-C in the legislative process this spring -- and spoke against it alongside Dick Armey at the capitol 6/28/05.

"Leave the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights in place, with its restraint on growth... Give people the tax rebates that they earned." -- Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Channel 12 debate vs. Gov. Owens 6/28/05 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


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